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I need access to a building on campus. Can the U Card Office grant me access?

No, the U Card Office does not control door access. You should contact your supervisor or department head who will be able to request access for you, or contact Public Safety.

Do I have a smart chip in my U Card for contactless/proximity reader door access?

If your card was made in 2008 or later, then yes. If your card was made prior to 2008, your U Card may not have a smart chip. Click here to view the U Card components where you can locate the date your U Card was created and/or your smart card number.

Why does a replacement cost $30? Isn't it just a plastic card?

The cards actually cost over $30 to produce, but we subsidize that cost. Inside of the card is smart chip technology and wiring that runs through the entire card; on the back is a magnetic strip. All of these functions work together to grant individuals access into buildings and also access to all of the accounts on the U Card.

How could my U Card have gotten demagnetized?

Allowing your U Card to become close to other magnetic objects (cell phone, large magnetics, medical equipment, the magnetic strip on a credit card, etc.).